• Immigrants and refugees with limited English language comprehension, reading and writing skills are offered 1 – 2 hour evening classes twice a week.  These classes offer an opportunity for the participant to learn English in a one-on-one ratio with a volunteer.  Activities include learning the alphabet for those who are very new to the language, […]

  • MILAWA members provide support with getting acclimated to the American way of living.  Members are partnered with a refugee family, and whenever possible a translator.  Members visit the family and provide support and guidance with learning  household management skills.  In this process the refugee family is taught English terms used in the home.  Visitations can […]

  • In the last two years, the Milwaukee African Women’s Association, (MILAWA) has organized an annual healthy family picnic catering to the large community of Africans and friends of Africa in Milwaukee. The focus of the picnic is to provide health and wellness information, to educate the community about African culture and to promote healthy African food choices to participants. This event has been funded through donations and partnerships with health organizations such as Molina Healthcare, UW-Milwaukee School of Nursing.

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