Paulette Bangura- Director of the African Diaspora Project Serving Milwaukee and the National and International African Diaspora Community

For several decades Paulette Bangura continues to work hard in creating vehicles for voice and change for vulnerable people living in disenfranchised environments She is passionate working with communities of people of color. Mrs. Bangura has worked tirelessly developing opportunities and vehicles for people of color to take personal control over the events and policies that impede access or opportunity for upward mobility.

She is co-founded the African Women’s Sarcoidosis Healing Network, a women- led grassroots network, with the goal of addressing disparities, in healthcare for women of African descent. She co-founded the social service agency Father’s Incorporated, which supports African American fathers taking leadership roles in the community and true partnerships roles in the parenting arena. She also co-founded the African Diaspora Project. The African Diaspora Project is a community, college and pre-college program where High School students and their teachers, and community and college adults can learn about the continent of Africa. Participants are trained to conduct a Model African Union Simulation, while representing themselves as heads of state for specific African countries. Mrs Bangura is a founding member of the Pan African Community Association (PACA), a community based/Resettlement Agency/organization, serving the African Immigrant and Refugee Community in Wisconsin. She is a Master Teacher with the international Adult Rites of Passage Institute in Elmina Ghana and the local arm Asentu Adult Rites of Passage Process In Milwaukee.

With her work, Mrs. Bangura has engaged in scholarship in South Africa, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Ghana, and Bahia Brazil,and Egypt. She completed her under graduate studies in Political Science at Creighton University Omaha Nebraska, graduate work in Healthcare Administration at Texas Women University, and a graduate degree in Adult Education at National Louis University in Chicago, Illinois. Mrs. Bangura’s current work involves teaching vulnerable populations and ethnic minorities, how to conduct their own research so their stories can be heard in their own voices and policy can be developed with their input. She has been a Kellogg Foundation Scholar Practitioner in the Devolution Project. She has also been a Public Health Fellow with the University of Illinois in Chicago: Mid America Public Health Institute. She is a trainer and mentor with the Building Healthy Refugee and Immigrant Communities Project. She also works with the Yanonko project a Prevention and Wellness project supporting and sustaining activity that maintains healthy communities. Mrs. Bangura is co-founder and mentor for United Voices a Health Promoter Collective comprised of Health Promoters of color designing their future in the healthcare community.

Mrs. Bangura continues to set up mechanisms for change to last beyond the transient power popularity or charisma of individuals. She is an elder and leader in her African immigrant community, with commitment to improving the health and quality of life of her people.