Support International Women’s Day – help bring the Umuada Ure Dancers through your donations



The Milwaukee African Women’s Association (MILAWA)* is seeking your assistance for the upcoming International Women’s Day (IWD) celebration taking place on Sunday, March 9th at the Marcus Center for the Performing Arts in Milwaukee, WI.  To add to the diverse activities occurring at this year’s IWD celebration, themed: “Inspiring Change”, MILAWA would like to bring a group of talented, young, energetic African women to perform traditional Igbo – Nigerian ethnic group – dances.

This alluring dance group of 5 women called Umuada Ure Dancers, based in Chicago, IL, provides an authentic representation of the beauty and richness of the Nigerian culture through their coordinated ensembles, graphically painted bodies and the traditional foot instrumentation that they wear.  Umuada Ure Dancers perform a colorful, high energy routine that entices you to want to join them and learn African dance.

Please consider helping us with a small donation to cover the cost of bringing the group to perform.  Our fundraising goal is $700 which will be used to pay their performance fee, transportation cost from Chicago, IL to Milwaukee, WI and light refreshments.  Please support this cause and come and join us in celebrating at Milwaukee’s annual International Women’s Day celebration!

Please note that the International Women’s Day event is free and open to the public.

* MILAWA is an auxiliary organization of the Pan-African Community Association (PACA) – a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization